The best thing about coaching is that itís all about you.  You get to dream big and say out loud (maybe for the first time) what it is that you really, really want for your life.  As your coach, I will help you get clear on how to make those dreams a reality.  Iím by your side every step of the way and keep you in action if you get stuck. 

Whether we explore beginning new careers, transitioning to a new life stage, or strengthening personal and professional relationships, it’s about identifying your values and passions to bring more of who you truly are to all areas of your life, resulting in more success and joy.

Clients respond to my warmth, sense of humor and compassion, and feel supported as I help them hone in on their goals, identify their obstacles and create a plan forward. 

Interested in finding out more about coaching?  Let’s talk.  I offer a complimentary first-time phone session.  This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to see if coaching is right for you.  Click here to schedule an appointment.

Click here to find out about coaching program specifically designed for parents of teens. 


Need support around a parenting challenge?  I can help.  Check out the Teen Hack pack.  Coaching parents of teens is one of my great joys.  In a Teen Hack session, we’ll look at the specific challenge your family is facing and come up with a game plan based on the Positive Discipline approach. 


I’m on a mission to spread the word about Positive Discipline because it has made a dramatic difference in how I parent.  I help families experience an increased sense of calm in their relationship with their kids by teaching them about disciplining with kindness and firmness.  It’s not about punishment but about creating a relationship of mutual respect with your teen to bridge communication gaps, defuse power struggles and hold kids accountable with their self-respect intact.

I periodically offer workshops in the community for parents of teenagers; please check my Facebook page HAPPY PARENT|HAPPY TEEN for announcements. I also welcome speaking opportunities at local schools/PTSAs, churches and other organizations.  Contact me at 425-941-9194 for more information.

All coaching and consulting takes place over the phone or Skype so we can work together whether you live in my neighborhood or on the other side of the globe.