Is parenting teens challenging or what?! The eye rolls, the last-minute demands, the endless hours on social media, the unfinished chores, and how everything we say or do is utterly uncool and embarrassing.

Sometimes we don’t know where to turn when we need support because it can feel like we’re the only parents struggling. Or the advice we get from well-meaning friends doesn’t seem quite applicable to our teen and our situation. And, as our teens’ stories get more and more personal, we want to make sure we protect their privacy.

If this is you and you need to talk to someone in a safe, non-judgmental place who “gets it,” then the Teen Hack package is for you.

Here’s how it works ---

1. We’ll have an introductory call where we’ll get to know each other and look at the specific challenges your family is facing. It is likely there is at least one issue that feels very immediate – like curfew, chores, screens, back talk, homework …but you most likely have identified other areas where you’d also like to strengthen your overall communication and relationship with your teen.

2. I’ll recommend a game plan based on the Positive Discipline approach and tailored to your situation.

3. We’ll come up with a strategy to implement the plan that is respectful to both you and your teen. This is key, so that you feel comfortable and empowered to follow through on the plan.

4. Then, we’ll have three additional sessions scheduled over four months to discuss and tweak the plan, and to talk about any new issues in your family. Changing patterns of parenting and relationships can bring up questions, and these follow-up sessions provide you with important support.

Teen Hack Package Details:

One 75-minute introductory call, plus three 1-hour support calls to be scheduled over four months from the start of the package. Living with a teen can feel like living on a roller coaster, so you’ll have me on speed dial for when you need support or input on how to handle a new challenge.

A Single Teen Hack Consult:

Need a one-time Teen Hack? I offer a 60-minute consult session. We’ll dive deep and come up with a quick fix to your challenge.

Our sessions will take place over the phone or Skype so we can work together whether you live in my neighborhood or on the other side of the globe.

Schedule a Teen Hack by contacting me at 425-941-9194 or or by using my online scheduling tool. Let's hack these issues together.