We Drive The Sleigh This Year
December 15, 2018

DI hosted a holiday workshop last week and guess what almost everyone said stresses them out the most this month? EXPECTATIONS. Usually our own. And when things don’t go just right then it’s BAH HUM BUG. 

We agreed that we usually kick off the season with great expectations of creating the perfect holiday. No pressure there, right? Then the month gets crazy. We start to feel overwhelmed with all the holiday demands, or we haven’t asked for help and feel like we’re drowning.  And then POOF…it’s January and we realize we didn’t even get to enjoy a glass of eggnog by the tree.   

The good news is that we get to decide how we want the month of December to go. Not the ghosts of Christmas past. 

So what is it this year? Do you want to hit every holiday happy hour or do you want to enjoy quiet time with family? Either way is just fine but it’s up to you. All of it is up to you. 

You also get to choose how you’re going to cope when something goes wrong -- because we all know something will go wrong, right?  The cookies may burn or that Amazon box won’t land on  your doorstep in time or maybe those holiday cards won’t make it to the mailbox. Will you let it go and keep on trucking, or will you make it mean everything is a bust? 

Want to do things differently this year?  Ponder some of these questions I asked the guests at my workshop –

  1. What do you want to experience, feel, accomplish during the month of December?  Think about your relationships, work, self-care, celebrations and year end goals. 

  2. What needs to happen to make #2 a reality?

  3. Traps! Life will definitely get in the way of #1, so what’s predictable? What flies out the window for you when you get busy with the holidays?  Maybe you say you want to feel peace and joy but you get caught up in all the rushing around and end up feeling stretched to your limit.

  4. What support/structures do you need to put into place so that this December can go differently for you?  Do you need an accountability buddy to keep your workouts on track?  Do you need an Excel spreadsheet for gift buying?

  5. What is your holiday motto? Having a motto that keeps all of the above top-of-mind can help you stay focused on your goals. A motto like “joy,” “connection,” or “merry” might resonate with you. One workshop participant added the motto “Calm” and a holiday photo to her phone’s home screen so she will see it throughout the day – a great idea!

Now embark on the month with intention. YOU drive the sleigh!

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season.





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