Don’t Be Sidelined
November 29, 2018

What does fall have an abundance of, besides leaves and new TV shows? Sports of all kinds. Whether on screen, in stadiums or on the fields at our kids’ schools, there are athletes on the fields. There are also players on the bench waiting for the coach to send them in. Do you feel like you are stuck on the bench of your life? Hire me and I’ll be the coach that gets you in the game.

Why?  Because coaching will seriously change your life.  The accountability, support and encouragement you'll receive will rock your world and pull you forward in ways you've never experienced before.

I know because not only have I have experienced this in my own life and I also witness it every day in my clients' lives.   Coaches help you get out of your own way and into action.  We challenge the mindsets that keep you stuck by asking powerful questions and pointing out your blind spots – the things you can't see that are getting in your way.  And, we hold you accountable, so you do what you must to move forward.  

I love being a coach because it’s thrilling to partner with people who want to dig a little deeper to see what else is out there and explore new ways to enrich their lives and their relationships.   Whether we're talking about careers, connections or life's transitions, the conversations I get to have with my clients are exciting and meaningful.

Is coaching for you?  It is if...

You're scared, and your fears are getting in the way of what you want in life – connection, love, joy, success.

You need a kick in the pants.  You know what you want but you can't figure out how to make it happen.

You're unhappy.  You want more out of life, but you aren't sure how to get it.

You're happy.  You're open to what’s out there and you want to grow and thrive.

What do all of the above have in common?  MORE.  You want more in your life.  More of the good stuff that makes life rich and meaningful.

Wondering if coaching can make a difference in your life?  (Spoiler alert – it can!) Let's talk.  Message me at to schedule a complimentary coaching session.  I promise I won’t make you run laps (unless fitness is your goal!) or yell at you in a locker room. But I will change your life.   





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