A Simple Way to Practice Gratitude
September 26, 2018

Coffee always makes it to my gratitude list.

Did you know that research shows that people who practice gratitude experience improved mood, decreased loneliness and a greater sense of overall well-being?

But, some days it’s hard to be thankful when we’re bombarded by the news, the construction next door, our kids’ bickering, the mortgage…

Practicing gratitude is a way to remind ourselves to pay attention to the good things in our lives that we otherwise take for granted because it’s easy to get numb to the richness in our lives.

Here’s a way to do this --- Scan your day before bed. Start with the very first thing you did in the morning and work yourself forward. “I heard the birds, got up and put my favorite sweatshirt on, made a great cup of coffee, had a laugh with my son before he took off for school, listened to an interesting podcast on the way to work, had a cool conversation with the woman in line at Starbucks …”

Get the gist?

My clients who do this exercise report that they have a greater appreciation for the simple things in their lives. It often surprises them when they notice just how much joy and connection they experience during their day.

If you’re interested in seeing how practicing gratitude can make a difference in your own life, let’s talk. Message me at sheilastorrer@outlook.com to schedule a complimentary coaching session.





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