August, 2020

The weekend I said goodbye to my youngest son, Owen, who is starting his freshman year of college. And now I am an empty nester.

Thatís right! An empty nester. For years, I have been dreading this time because I couldnít imagine what my life would be like without day-to-day, minute-by-minute parenting. What is life without soccer on Sundays, lacrosse on Tuesdays, carpool, Back to School Night? Such events have given my life structure for twenty years. My kidsí passions have been mine from The Wiggles, to Legos, to paintball to sports, and so sometimes I even wonder: What do I like to do?

When I dropped my older son off at college two years ago, life became more spacious with time to think about whatís next for me. Outside of my work (which I love) I realized I didnít really know, and this felt pretty scary. I started talking about this with my coach, and my first step was to create a vision for my next chapter. I looked at the big picture, thinking about what I wanted my life to include. Fun, adventure and freedom. Lazy days with friends, lots of books, horseback riding, kayaking, cooking for fun, staying up late and sleeping in. And, of course more time for my business and clients.

This vision is what pulls me forward on the days I lose my way and canít see my future through the fog and emotions.

What about you? In whatever life stage youíre in, if youíre asking yourself similar questions, letís talk. Iíd love to offer you a complimentary coaching session. Itís time to focus on what YOU want.



The Empty Nesters



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