Dreams don't die...they stalk us
May 23, 2017

What was it? That thing you really, really wanted but then told yourself you were either too old, too lazy or too lame to make happen? 

Was it taking a class? Joining a hiking club? Losing ten pounds? Writing a book? Running a marathon? Applying for a new job? Moving to a new city?

Here’s the thing. When we say NO to something we really want it may go away for a while but believe me - it will be back. Like a horror movie monster that the teens in the woods thought was dead.

Dreams and desires postponed
I started dreaming of becoming a coach years ago. I was ready for a change and I knew it would be a perfect fit for me – I had the background, the skills, the passion. I wanted to own my own business and work with people that were up to cool things.

But it took me years to make it happen because of the noise in my head.  It went like this…  you would suck at it, it’s too hard to own your own biz, you don’t have time to do a program, and you …  blah, blah, blah…

Get the picture?

I would push this dream of mine deep down but it would always pop right back up. It was my stalker. I’d move on to something else, experience a bit of contentment but it would always come back – I really wanted to be a coach but I was scared.

One day, while at my desk ruminating about how boring my work life was, my friend emailed me about a coaching program. I looked it up online and filled out the application, hitting send before the noise had a chance to flare up. This looked awfully impulsive to people around me, but they didn’t know this dream had stalked me for years.

Turn off the noise
That stuff in our head that gets in the way…I call mine noise.  Some people call theirs an inner critic or gremlin but it’s always the same - It keeps us small, it keeps us feeling less than, it keeps us afraid, and it keeps us from sharing our gifts with the world. 

How do you make the doubts shut up? Action.

  1. Acknowledge the noise. Write it down. Recognize that it is actively obstructing your life.  
  1. You’ve got the facts so replace the original thought. “Lazy?  No, I'm motivated! I get stuff done.”    
  1. Just do it! Pick up the phone and make the call. Put on your sweats and get outside for a walk. Turn off your phone and write a page.
  1. Feel how empowered this process makes you. This is how you will conquer the stalker.

What’s your dream? That thing, that idea that just won’t go away, that deep down inside you really, really want? Don’t give in to the noise. I can coach you through it.  I’ll help you put together a plan to make your dream a reality.  The world needs more dreams, less noise.

With my husband at my graduation from the coaching program.
It was a fabulous night of celebration.

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