Want to spark up your sisterhood? Here are two great ways.
April 20, 2107

My oldest son turned 17 this month which means it was 17 years ago that I was panicking in the parking lot of Safeway because I couldn’t get the infant car seat off the shopping cart.  

I had a quick list of options: 1) Push the cart, car seat and baby home (5 miles) and pretend this was my plan all along; 2) Put him in the Baby Bjorn, leave the car seat and cart in the parking lot, drive to Babies R Us and buy a new one; or 3) Casually stroll the aisles of Safeway for 6 hours until my husband got off work and could get us.

Ah…but there was a 4th option:  4) Call new mom friend Cindi and ask for help. 
Cindi calmly told me to, “Take a deep breath…NOW PULL THAT F*CKER OFF WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT.”   

Guess what?  It worked!   

While my cries for help have changed a lot over the past nearly two decades, my strong need for my female friends has not. I rely on them to champion me on, point out my blind spots, and to laugh and cry with me.

And, I'm there for them in the same ways they are for me.    

Did you know that research shows that strong female friendships can have lasting effects on our health – decreased blood pressure, lower heart disease and extended overall life expectancy?

How about you? 

Do you ask for help when you need it?  Do you have friendships that need some nurturing?  Or maybe you need a bigger tribe? If so, what's getting in your way of taking action to create what you need?

I think the friend connection is so powerful that I often make it part of my sessions with clients. When they are creating their list of practices designed to move them closer to their goals, we discuss who can support them for each one. Initially, reaching out to friends and family can be an awkward exercise, but as the weeks go on they find that their relationships grow stronger and they feel more connected to their friends. As an example, one client’s practice was to meditate three days a week; she enlisted a friend to check in with her and that helped her stick to the goal and discuss her progress.

If you’re looking for more connection in your life, I have two cool opportunities coming up for you Seattle-area people.

1.    On April 29, I’m hosting a table at MamaCon, a fun day-long gathering for moms in Bellevue. Check out the description online for more information. I’m excited about this opportunity to talk about parenting teens, a passion of mine. Come find me.

2.    For you moms of teens, I’m hosting a six-week book club in Kirkland to dive deep into Dr. Jane Nelsen’s book, “Positive Discipline for Teens.” These book clubs foster a connection with other local moms of teens and provide concrete, practical tools for parenting. Call me if you want to know more. 

It's time to spark up your sisterhood. 

My boys on our travels. The car seats are long gone.



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Want to spark up your sisterhood? Here are two great ways.
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