Accepting - NO. Adapting - YES
April, 2020

In early March I had no idea that come April Id be locked in my house with my kids and husband, wearing sweats 24/7 and feeling scared to go to the grocery store. It would have sounded insane 5 weeks ago. And it feels more insane as the days pass.

While Im having a ton of trouble accepting whats going on how can I accept my son wont have prom or graduation? I am adapting. Online workouts, virtual book club, Zoom calls ad nausea. All my new ways of living are doing the trick; Im staying connected and supporting my clients.

How about you? Are you adapting? Wherever you are in the process of finding the new normal, Id love to offer you some support this month.

A mini session for you
This month Im offering complimentary mini coaching sessions these are 30 minutes of laser support. Well start wherever you find yourself in this time of upside down. From there well look at how this pause can actually be an opportunity to create something new in your home and work life. We all feel like we want to go back to our normal lives, but what if there are parts of that life you dont want to resume? Now is the perfect opportunity to strategize change.

Anything is open for discussion during your mini session managing fear and anxiety, navigating parenting challenges, supporting your work team, creating an online executive presence, boosting your self-careyou name it, Im up for it.



See you on zoom



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