Try the 1% Challenge
April 10, 2018

    Life would be better if only my kids were better behaved.
    My relationship would be more satisfying if only my husband listened.
    I would be happier if only I had friends who really cared more about me.

Most of us have these “if only” thoughts from time to time. But, it is easy to get stuck here. To think that the only solutions are outside of our control, which eventually will lead to us feeling helpless.

So, what can you do when you find yourself thinking this way? Try doing something 1% differently.

Here’s an example. A client of mine wants more connection with his wife. I asked if he could think of anything he could do to create more connection. “ME? But, it’s all her,” was his reply. Got it – but since he can’t change her, what can he do? I suggested that he try to create 1% more connection. Go small.

He didn’t think it would make a difference but committed to giving it a try. He decided to do little things like send her a funny text during day, take a minute to say a heartfelt good morning, and buy her a coffee on the way home from work. 1% -- that’s it.

A week later, he was shocked when he noticed that things had been smoother between the two of them and he felt more warmth in their relationship. Pretty cool.

So, you want to feel more loved? Try giving 1% more love. Want more joy? Give 1% more joy. Want more calm? Be 1% more calm.

Be the change and my guess is you’ll experience more of what you’re looking for.



PS -- If you take on the 1% Challenge, I’d love to know how it goes for you.



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