Everyone is a Little Nuts Right Now!
March, 2020

It’s been a crazy few weeks, right? So much misinformation, fear, worry, uncertainty, anxiety… I could go on and on, but I’ll send myself into a spiral.

Last week I was all about CONTROL AND MANAGE – buying the canned goods and TP, setting up a schedule for my now working-at-home husband and I to share my office, checking Twitter a zillion times a day for the latest updates. I was in full doing mode, and I was cool.

‘Till Thursday. I woke up at 5 am and thought I’d take a peek at Twitter. Note to Self: DO NOT GO ON TWITTER AT 5 AM. I was instantly paralyzed with panic. I finally got that I cannot control ANYTHING because life as we know it has been royally turned upside down.

Later that day I thought of something my brilliant coach and friend Sarah Olin said to me. During a session in December when I was stressed about the holidays (what I wouldn’t give for holiday stress about now), she said something simple and incredibly impactful, “Listen, everyone is a little bit nuts right now. Shore up your self-care. Take amazing care of yourself because it’s the foundation for everything.”

So self-care is what I did for the holidays (to be honest, I do everything this woman says because she is the wisest). I didn’t miss a single workout; I dropped everything when my friend called mid-day inviting me to meet her for a pedi; I bought cookies for book club instead of baking; I put up minimal decorations; and I said no when I wasn’t up for going out. The month went differently for me. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but my anxiety was manageable.

I'm putting this practice into place now. Here is what I’m going to do this month: Take a walk every day, go to barre3 or work out at home, eat cookies when I want to, monitor my news intake, get enough sleep and make sure I connect with friends and family – even if it’s coffee over zoom.

Self-care sets the foundation so that we can fully show up. If we’re sorted we can be there for ourselves, our family, our work, our community.

How do you want to handle this unknown time?


PS – Want to connect? Let’s have a virtual coffee. Being home for an extended period does not mean you need to put your goals on hold. We can come up with a plan that will support you and keep you moving forward while things are a little nuts. Send me an email or text me – 425-941-9194. No hand sanitizer necessary.

Me and Sarah Olin - Pre-social distancing.



Everyone is a Little Nuts Right Now!
March, 2020

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