Its February Do you know where your New Years Resolutions are?
February, 2020

How’s your resolution to hit the gym every day at 5:00 a.m. going? What about your resolution to be more generous? Drink more water? Grow your business?

Radio silence? Well, you’re not alone!  

If you are like 75% of Americans, you have already forgotten those resolutions you made a mere 8 weeks ago.

We are weird about resolutions: We LOVE making them. We make them every year. We shout them from the roof top (or Facebook), and then we promptly forget about them. Only to do it again and again, year after year. Rinse and repeat. Odd, eh?

If we love them so much, why don’t we stick to them? Well, it’s because we tend to make them from a disempowered place because we are trying to fix something we perceive as broken. Such as, I’m going to the gym everyday…because I’m fat. Or from shame – I’m going to be more generous…because I’m stingy. Or from fear or comparison – I’m going to start a podcast because Susie Q hosts one and since her business is booming I better get cracking and make one of my own.   

It’s not fun and so it is no wonder that we dump them. Even worse, we often beat ourselves up before we give up. I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So, if resolutions don’t work (and they don’t), what does work to move us forward? Setting goals works!  Really! I know because that’s what I do and so do my clients – and we get results.    

Resolutions versus goals… Isn’t it just semantics?

Nope – because goals are different in that they are based in what we really, truly WANT – not a reaction to what we don’t want. They pull us forward. They’re forgiving because we can tweak them. And they have clear actions for progress. Goal setting and execution are very different than making (and quitting) resolutions.

If you decide to make goals for 2020 – here are three important tips:
•    Decide what you really want. Set a big, juicy vision. Why do you want to want to write the book?  What’s in it for you if you do a podcast? How would your life be different if you were more generous? Make your vision strong enough that it will pull you forward on days you want to chuck the effort.

•    Create measurable actions. You want a healthier lifestyle – what actions do you need to make it happen?  Gym, nutrition and meditation are great list items, but how many times a week will you work out and meditate, and for how long?  What specific better food choices will you eat?  In order to create that podcast, when will you research the equipment and invite guests?  Or how will you measure that you’re generous?  Will you open the door for a stranger every day or donate a certain amount of money every month?  

•    Support, support, support. Humans are social creatures so why do we think we need to do it all alone? We all need support, accountability and encouragement. Identifying who and how someone can support you in your goals is a huge piece of the process. Maybe a gym buddy can support your exercise plan, or a friend can regularly check in on your book-writing progress.   Support can also be non-human – set daily phone reminders to think about three things you are grateful for or to drink a glass of water.    

Now, imagine it’s January 2021. How great will it feel to have met your goals instead of racking your brain to remember what your resolutions were? Pick an area of your life that you want to move forward. What are two actions you can take this week…and, who can support you?  



PS – Want some help? I’m offering three readers a one-hour complimentary session. We’ll get clear on what you want to generate in 2020 and create a plan to make it happen. 

Me talking about goals at Caliber Home Loans.



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