Got #goals? Avoid these typical mistakes. 
January 19, 2017

The start of January always has us dreaming and plotting goals for the new year. 

It’s a time of renewal.  A time when anything seems possible. 

But now that the calendar has flipped to mid-January, a lot of us have slowly given up and tucked those resolutions in the back of the drawer.

The line at the gym is gone, the outline of the book is still a bunch of empty pages, and we’ve given up on the hopes that our relationships will ever change.  

What happened?  What gets into our way? The noise in our heads that says we’re too tired, not smart enough, too busy or too old. 

Since that’s mostly stuff we’ve made up about ourselves and decided to believe, how do we stay in action to reach the goals and desires that seemed so possible on January 1?

Here are the big mistakes a lot of us make.

Mistake #1 – Setting goals that have not been clearly defined.  It’s important to figure out why this goal is important to you and what it would bring to your life if you obtained it.  What’s the cost if you do not achieve it?  And even better, what’s the benefit to you by achieving it?

Mistake #2 – Not creating a plan of action.  How are you going to stay motivated?  What are the obstacles that might get in your way to sabotage you? 

Break down lofty goals into digestible pieces, identify the milestones and schedule them into the calendar.  Make it specific, measurable, and set a deadline for it.

Mistake #3 – Going it alone.  Pull in your tribe – reach out to a friend for support and ask tell them how best they hold you accountable.  A text on the day of deadline you’ve set to see how it’s going?  Times to take walks together?  

Many people have made lasting changes by approaching their goals in a fresh way. But if you feel stuck or it all seems too daunting, call in a professional. I can coach you through the sticky spots and help you align your values, effort and goals. Coaching doesn’t have to always be about huge life changes, either.

I can help you make lasting change in any area of your life, no matter the scope.  Let’s have a chat about your goals and desires for your life.  It could be just the kick start you need!
More exercise is one of my resolutions - my Fitbit is holding me accountable. 



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Got #goals? Avoid these typical mistakes. 
January 19, 2017