The Future's So Bright
January 2, 2020

“It’s college application season, yippee!” said no high school senior ever!

For a lot of kids, this Fall will be filled with college visits, taking the SAT and writing never-ending essays. Hanging over all it is the daunting question: “What do you want to do with the next 70 years of your life?” It’s a stressful time for them – and for us parents.

My son and I have been having lots of discussions about possible careers – does he want 9 to 5 hours or flexible hours; rural living or big city; fast paced work or slow pace; working individually vs being part of a team? On and on. He has a pretty good idea on what he wants and is working really hard to create lots of possibilities for himself. But who knows? His plan could change in a second.

That’s why the most significant conversations we’ve been having aren’t about college or about careers, but more about what’s most important to him as he launches his adult life. I’ve been asking him questions about his values. Questions about what kind of impact he wants to have on others: Who does he want to be in world? What does his ideal life look like? I want him to get clear on this because who he is as a human is way more important than his accomplishments and failures. Those come and go but the constant is who he is deep inside. If he knows that, he gets to decide how to align that with work and relationships. He can draw strength from knowing who he is when things aren’t going so well. And, one of my jobs as someone who loves him is to keep reminding him of his awesomeness when the going gets tough. Let’s say it all goes to hell and he doesn’t get into the school of his dreams…he is still Owen – a remarkable person with one of the most loving, generous hearts ever. That will never change.

What’s cool for me is that the conversations I’ve been having with my son are the exact same conversations I have with my coaching clients. I help people see who they really truly are outside of their successes and failures. I support them by helping them to see all the incredible stuff that’s possible for their lives. We dream big together – the sky is the limit! And, then we get busy to make it all happen.

If these are conversations you’d like to have – unique conversations that we don’t usually have with our family and friends – give me a call and let’s schedule a complimentary session.

Love, Sheila

Ps – Watch out. Here comes the Class of 2020. Ready to change the world.

Me and Owen



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